Building Envelope

The “building envelope” contains all of the external elements that allow primarily environment controls to maintain dryness, temperature and the comfortable experience of being inside of a building. At Hibbs General Contracting, we specialize in building premium commercial building exteriors for more energy efficient and durable commercial buildings.

Air Tight Building Exteriors

air-tight-building-exteriors- building envelopeIn erecting new walls or upgrading existing buildings, our primary objective is to build higher performance walls. Because warm air will always try to move toward colder air, it will lose energy as it cools, and require more energy to stay warm. By engineering your space to create a strong indoor/outdoor barrier, we are able to control indoor air quality and temperature with more certainty.

Energy Efficient Commercial Buildings

office building envelope indoor air qualityA “tighter” envelope offers fewer gaps between your building interior and exterior – which will keep conditioned air within your building – allowing you to reduce the energy load on your heating and air conditioning systems. Additionally, our construction techniques ensure that your space is insulated to slow the conduction of heat through walls.

Hibbs General Contracting building techniques result in a higher quality building exterior that can achieve energy savings of as much as 30 to 50% – and a greater return on your construction investment.

Work with our thermal envelope experts

We specialize in building premium building envelopes that lend to the security and durability of all of our structures. As local St Louis commercial construction firm, and a woman business enterprise (WBE), we work directly with consumers and partner with local commercial construction contractors as experts in thermal building envelope engineering. Contact us today for more information on your next project.