Airplane Hangars

Hibbs General Contracting offers steel airplane hangars in a variety of designs and sizes and designs. Our steel airplane hangar designs offer a cost-effective solution with minimal construction time and lower lifetime maintenance. Work with our team to design and build the perfect space for your aircraft – one that will fit your current craft, and which can be easily expanded in the future.

Aircraft Hangar Design

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In addition to our open floor plan designs, we are able to offer a variety of doors for your space:

  • Bifold hangar doors: These doors provide high clearance room for your aircraft and low maintenance
  • Biparting doors: These doors are able to accommodate wider aircraft
  • Stacking hangar doors: This options provides larger openings and ease of handling for opening and closing the hangar.

Steel airplane hangar material features

All of our aircraft spaces offer the following features:

  • Engineer-certified drawings and anchor bolt plans
  • Solid main frame construction
  • Industry standard A-325 structural bolt
  • 50,000 PSI high strength plate
  • Our deluxe architectural trim package
  • Submerged arc/welded frames
  • Pre-punched components
  • Factory primed frames
  • 80,000 PSI Galvalume roof sheeting
  • Corrugated ridge caps

Contact our office, based in the St Louis area, serving the St Louis region and portions of southern Illinois, for a quote on your airplane hangar construction.