Building on environmental corporate values with energy efficient commercial construction

ENERGY EFFICIENT COMMERCIAL CONSTRUCTION ST LOUIS MOCompanies demonstrate their commitment to the environment with energy efficient commercial construction design & retrofits

As a general contractor specializing in One challenge to creating effective community-wide climate change plans is the fear that businesses will resist making the changes needed to help the community as a whole reduce greenhouse gasses because of the misguided belief that doing so will add unnecessary and burdensome costs. The fact is that reducing carbon emissions, by reducing energy use and shifting to renewables, is very positive for a business’ bottom line. It’s an investment with a return, rather than a “cost.”

That is why major businesses across the country and across the world are taking leadership on the path to zero. One key takeaway from these innovative businesses is that their primary motivation for improving energy efficiency is that it helps their bottom lines. Many businesses are installing solar panels for renewable energy. Others are retrofitting existing buildings on the path to zero and still, others are building new zero energy or close to zero energy facilities.

FACT: More than 25,000 commercial buildings have been certified as Energy Star commercial construction.

The Top 25 Companies by Solar Capacity

Many of America’s largest companies have led the way in solar deployment and are doing so at a fast rate. The 25 companies in the chart below have installed more than 445 MW of solar PV capacity across the country, up from about 300 MW last year.  The list ranks businesses by their total on-site installed solar capacity, measured in megawatts.

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Top 25 companies by solar capacity as of 25. Courtesy of

Multi-National Companies taking energy efficient commercial construction seriously

Most people think energy efficiency is an expensive luxury that big corporations would want to avoid, but that is not the reality. Some of the world’s biggest corporations – from high-tech retailers to high tech electronics companies, make energy efficiency a core value. Why? For one, corporations are becoming aware of the impact of their social responsibility. More importantly, large companies are aware that greater energy efficiency is cost effective. The top six energy efficient companies are Philips Electronics, Walmart, Royal Bank of Canada, Apple, Inc, and BMW.

FACT: 57% OF FORTUNE 100 organizations are Energy Star partner organizations.

When most people think of low prices and a scrupulous focus on the bottom line, they think of Walmart, and that is accurate. It’s also exactly why Walmart is committing to sustainability and renewable energy.

According to Walmart’s website, commitment to sustainability is a cornerstone of its business model.

“Environmental sustainability has become an essential ingredient to doing business responsibly and successfully. As the world’s largest retailer, our actions have the potential to save our customers money and help ensure a better world for generations to come. At the same time, it sets the stage for a more financially stable and responsible Walmart.”

And Walmart maintains that using 100% renewable energy is the right choice for Walmart’s customers, shareholders, and future generations:

“More than ever, we know that our goal to be supplied 100% by renewable energy is the right goal, and we know that renewables combined with energy efficiency is especially powerful: for our customers, for our shareholders and for the future of generations to come. Walmart envisions a world where people don’t have to choose between energy they can afford and energy that’s good for communities and the planet. Global energy predictions indicate costs could increase twice as fast as our anticipated store and club growth. Finding cleaner and more affordable energy is vital to everyday low cost. Scaling renewable energy while accelerating energy efficiency is our vision for a more sustainable world and is the right direction for our business.”

Is energy efficiency a core value of your business?

If the energy efficiency of existing commercial and industrial buildings could be improved by just 10% across the board, the amount of greenhouse gas emissions prevented would be equal to the emissions from 49 million vehicles – or about 19% of all registered vehicles in the United States.

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