Benefits of Steel Buildings for Farm Building Construction


Considering the quality and strength steel provides, a number of buildings on ranches and farms are now built using steel. Metal farm buildings are a great choice for farms, ranches, and barns and provide the ideal column free designs and a flexible floor plan ideal for a multitude of layouts. These buildings not only provide the perfect shelter for your cattle and livestock, they can also be used for equipment, crop and feed storage.

Below are the many benefits of agricultural buildings constructed of steel.

Fire Resistance

Wooden buildings built on the farm always have a serious threat of catching fire. If the building catches fire, the inherent damage and danger can cause havoc for the farmer’s property and life. Metal farm buildings, on the other hand, are fire resistant. They minimize the potential of catching fire and thus reduce the risks and potential loss of valuables in the building.


Steel is famous as the most durable and the strongest building material available today. It is not only resistant to fire, but also resistant to termites, mold, mildew, water, as well as a number of pests that destroy wood. In the US, each year thousands of agricultural properties are damaged to a significant degree due to the presence of termites. If you are looking for a durable option for a building, farm steel buildings are the best choice.

Hibbs General Contracting offers state of the art steel buildings made from high-quality steel from General Steel.


When you are getting a new steel agricultural building, you are investing in the security and safety of your crops, livestock, and equipment. Steel is the only material that offers all of these. With the right quality of steel, you are going to add strength to your buildings. All you have to do is find the best contractor and get the agriculture steel building made to ensure maximum protection of your farm.

Hibbs General Contracting is the best choice when it comes to building erection services. They are well known for their hands-on approach particular to each client, resulting in highly sustainable and durable buildings. With steel used from General Steel, nothing beats the premium quality steel buildings from Hibbs General Contracting.


If you are worried about the aesthetics of the farm steel buildings, you will be pleased to know that various attractive add-ons, such as stone panels, stucco, wood and decorative bricks can be added to the steel structure of the building. With ranch steel buildings, you do not have to worry about the appearance of the building and your new steel building will completely blend with the existing the existing structures you have in your farm.


Agriculture steel buildings offer easy and fast construction. These buildings are highly efficient for any farm settings and are constructed of the ideal building material for buildings on farms for storage of crops, equipment, and livestock.

Hibbs General Contracting is the St. Louis representative for Capital Steel Buildings. If you’re looking to build a metal church, schedule a consultation with us at 314-392-9631.

4 Reasons to Choose Steel for Church Building Construction

By Matt Belcher, Hibbs General Contracting

Prefab Steel Church Building Construction St LouisWith the ever burgeoning costs of construction, you might find that your new church building faces steadily increasing barriers to both its sustainability and growth as the years go by. However, there is a growing tendency to dramatically decrease these expenses by switching your choice of building material to metal. Yes, metal church buildings, especially steel metal churches, are increasingly being favored by the construction industry. This shift in preferences is in no small part due to the affordability and durability granted by metal and steel construction.

Cost to Build a Steel Church Building

Prefab church buildings tend to be more cost effective, which is an important factor for churches to consider. This makes them a reasonable expenditure and construction choice, since the church will need to do its due diligence along with being budget savvy. Metal church buildings can actually come down to only half of what traditional churches costs. Plus, the material can be used to build all of the structures that churches generally need to serve their youth ministry and Bible studies: classrooms, gyms and worship centers.

Additionally, in the long term, steel metal churches will find themselves facing relatively lower insurance and maintenance costs.

Long-Term Construction Durability

Despite the cost effectiveness of metal church buildings, they’re known for their durability. Steel constructions resist decay when compared to other traditional materials, and so the refurbishment expenses are inherently lower. Steel is also extremely flexible and adaptable, which means that steel churches can be expanded and redeveloped with a lot less hassle and environmental degradation. Any extensions in the future can be incorporated into the design, even with exceptionally small budgets.

At Hibbs General Contracting, we take special pride in taking a hands-on approach to quality for every client, resulting in some spectacularly durable and sustainable buildings. Hibbs also provides extreme ease when it comes to expansion for growth in the future.

Aesthetics & Church Design

Don’t let the word “steel” fool you; this material can absolutely be used to make some phenomenally gorgeous structures. Hibbs General Contracting, for example, offers open floor plans, high ceilings and customizable exteriors, all with a wealth of detailed designs to choose from. A steel church building remains a warm and welcoming place of worship. Additionally, there’s also the prevailing belief that a steel church will lead to unpleasant sound quality within the building. However, Hibbs is able to incorporate great acoustic quality in order to produce some great sound. If you’re looking for a building that doesn’t compromise on aesthetics while remaining incredibly affordable, you really should look into a metal church building.

Energy Efficiency of Metal Churches

Metal church buildings tend to be cheaper to heat and to keep cool, which should lead to utility bill savings. Plus, Hibbs General Contracting is known to be the region’s leading expert in high-performance green building. Hibbs offers energy efficient steel building options and implements high performance building practices.

Hibbs General Contracting is the St. Louis representatives for Capital Steel Buildings. If you’re looking to build a metal church, schedule a consultation with us at 314-392-9631.

Happy Hounds Dog Park construction completed

Happy Hounds Playground Dog Park ConstructionCommercial log building design serves as main office

We recently put the finishing touches on a commercial construction project in Wildwood, Missouri – a design-build for the main office of Happy Hounds Playground, a dog park opening this spring.

When the Van Gerpens decided to build Happy Hounds Play, a new dog park opening this spring in Wildwood, a big part of their vision was a gorgeous, rustic main office where they could welcome new customers.

The newly-finished log building off Pond Road near Manchester in Wildwood will serve as the main office of Happy Hounds Playground.

Details of this log commercial building include:

  • A dramatic stone and timber truss entrance
  • A full glass rear wall to allow a clear view of dog park activity.
  • Large main level walkout deck
  • Timber truss accents throughout interior
  • Custom cabinetry and
  • A stone-front reception stand.

Hibbs General Contracting and Gastineau Log Homes partnered on this project, even holding a public log raising event in August of 2016 to kick off construction.

The new dog park sits on 10 acres of land and will features splash pads, playground equipment for dogs, a puppy swimming pond, nature trails, and more.

Rustic Commercial Design & Construction

Log Commercial Construction Wildwood Missouri

Building on environmental corporate values with energy efficient commercial construction

ENERGY EFFICIENT COMMERCIAL CONSTRUCTION ST LOUIS MOCompanies demonstrate their commitment to the environment with energy efficient commercial construction design & retrofits

As a general contractor specializing in One challenge to creating effective community-wide climate change plans is the fear that businesses will resist making the changes needed to help the community as a whole reduce greenhouse gasses because of the misguided belief that doing so will add unnecessary and burdensome costs. The fact is that reducing carbon emissions, by reducing energy use and shifting to renewables, is very positive for a business’ bottom line. It’s an investment with a return, rather than a “cost.”

That is why major businesses across the country and across the world are taking leadership on the path to zero. One key takeaway from these innovative businesses is that their primary motivation for improving energy efficiency is that it helps their bottom lines. Many businesses are installing solar panels for renewable energy. Others are retrofitting existing buildings on the path to zero and still, others are building new zero energy or close to zero energy facilities.

FACT: More than 25,000 commercial buildings have been certified as Energy Star commercial construction.

The Top 25 Companies by Solar Capacity

Many of America’s largest companies have led the way in solar deployment and are doing so at a fast rate. The 25 companies in the chart below have installed more than 445 MW of solar PV capacity across the country, up from about 300 MW last year.  The list ranks businesses by their total on-site installed solar capacity, measured in megawatts.

energy efficient commercial construction solar_commercial_buildings

Top 25 companies by solar capacity as of 25. Courtesy of

Multi-National Companies taking energy efficient commercial construction seriously

Most people think energy efficiency is an expensive luxury that big corporations would want to avoid, but that is not the reality. Some of the world’s biggest corporations – from high-tech retailers to high tech electronics companies, make energy efficiency a core value. Why? For one, corporations are becoming aware of the impact of their social responsibility. More importantly, large companies are aware that greater energy efficiency is cost effective. The top six energy efficient companies are Philips Electronics, Walmart, Royal Bank of Canada, Apple, Inc, and BMW.

FACT: 57% OF FORTUNE 100 organizations are Energy Star partner organizations.

When most people think of low prices and a scrupulous focus on the bottom line, they think of Walmart, and that is accurate. It’s also exactly why Walmart is committing to sustainability and renewable energy.

According to Walmart’s website, commitment to sustainability is a cornerstone of its business model.

“Environmental sustainability has become an essential ingredient to doing business responsibly and successfully. As the world’s largest retailer, our actions have the potential to save our customers money and help ensure a better world for generations to come. At the same time, it sets the stage for a more financially stable and responsible Walmart.”

And Walmart maintains that using 100% renewable energy is the right choice for Walmart’s customers, shareholders, and future generations:

“More than ever, we know that our goal to be supplied 100% by renewable energy is the right goal, and we know that renewables combined with energy efficiency is especially powerful: for our customers, for our shareholders and for the future of generations to come. Walmart envisions a world where people don’t have to choose between energy they can afford and energy that’s good for communities and the planet. Global energy predictions indicate costs could increase twice as fast as our anticipated store and club growth. Finding cleaner and more affordable energy is vital to everyday low cost. Scaling renewable energy while accelerating energy efficiency is our vision for a more sustainable world and is the right direction for our business.”

Is energy efficiency a core value of your business?

If the energy efficiency of existing commercial and industrial buildings could be improved by just 10% across the board, the amount of greenhouse gas emissions prevented would be equal to the emissions from 49 million vehicles – or about 19% of all registered vehicles in the United States.

Work with Hibbs General Contracting for energy efficient commercial construction solutions from large-scale remodels and retrofits to ground-up energy efficient design-build projects.

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Log raising event to be held at site of future Wildwood dog park

Public invited to watch log building construction August 27th

Happy Hounds Wildwood Commercial Construction Log ExteriorBring the entire family out to the site of Wildwood’s new dog park (opening in spring 2017) – as Hibbs General Contracting & Gastineau Log Homes hold a log raising event August 27 from 9 am to 2 pm. The free event will be held on the site of Happy Hounds Playground, a dog park opening in spring of 2017 at 2448 Pond Road.

Attendees will be able to watch as the exterior Missouri Oak log walls of the Happy Hounds main building are erected. They will be able to see how the logs are stacked and sealed and how the T&G window and door frames are installed. Staff will be available to answer any questions you may have.

Hibbs General Contracting & Gastineau Log Homes are hosting the event as they partner to build the membership office for the Happy Hounds facility. When completed, the private membership dog park, located on 10 acres of land, will feature splash pads, playground equipment for dogs of all sizes, a swimming pond, nature trails, paw washing stations, and more.

Happy Hounds co-founder Laura Van Gerpen says, “We’ve chosen to build our main building in a log style, because they will complement the natural beauty of this park setting. We look forward to celebrating this next step with such a fun event!”

Visitors are invited to stop by for a short visit or stay all day, to bring your lawn chairs and dress for the weather. As this site is under construction, muddy conditions are a possibility. Free parking is available across the street at First Baptist Church, 2470 Pond Road. Refreshments will be provided for those that attend, including donuts and coffee in the morning, and hot dogs, chips, and cookies in the afternoon.

Hibbs General Contracting & Gastineau Log Homes staff will be available to answer any questions visitors may have about the log building construction process for commercial and residential projects.

Breaking through the concrete ceiling: Jan Hibbs helms new St Louis commercial construction firm

For immediate release

jan-hibbs-hibbs-general-contractingHibbs Homes, a nationally-renowned green residential construction company in St Louis – is proud to announce the launch of Hibbs General Contracting. The new commercial construction company, will be helmed by CEO Jan Hibbs. This new company, a part of the Hibbs family of companies, will focus its work on light commercial construction, steel building construction, and performing energy efficient renovations and retrofits to existing commercial buildings.

Custom Commercial Construction

“For more than a decade, Hibbs Homes has provided gorgeous custom energy-efficient homes for our clients across the St. Louis area. I’m excited to take our expertise in a new direction – focusing on creating beautiful, custom spaces for businesses in Missouri and Southern Illinois,” said Jan Hibbs.

The company will offer traditional wood frame and Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) construction for renovations and new construction projects. Additionally, Hibbs General Contracting has become the exclusive partner of Capital Steel Industries in the St. Louis and Southern Illinois area, offering pre-engineered steel buildings, including church and school buildings, agricultural facilities, airplane hangars, warehouse space, retail spaces, and more.

Energy Efficiency Expertise

With a long reputation as the region’s leading expert in high-performance green home builders, it’s no surprise that Hibbs General Contracting will put a special focus on green building practices for commercial construction.

“Experts believe that the building sector is the largest contributor to U.S. greenhouse gas emissions. Nearly 75% of commercial buildings are 20 years or older and would benefit from tremendously from retrofitting renovations to reduce their emissions and energy usage,” said Matt Belcher, Vice President of Hibbs General Contracting. To that end, Hibbs General Contracting will offer:

  • Provide Commercial retrofitting services

  • Offer energy efficient steel building options, and

  • Implement high-performance building practices in construction projects

  • Offer Energy Efficient/Resilient Engineered Building Envelope Construction Services

Hibbs General Contracting Leadership

Hibbs General Contracting will build on the experience and expertise of its team of experts, Jan Hibbs, Kim Hibbs, and Matt Belcher.

Jan Hibbs, a long-time St. Louis real estate expert, will head up the new organization. Jan has 12 years of experience in real estate, as a licensed Realtor, most recently with Coldwell Banker Gundaker in Town and Country. She co-founded luxury home builder Hibbs Homes in 2004 with husband Kim Hibbs, and has served as head of finance, sales and marketing for the local home construction company for more than a decade. In this role, she has has helped the custom home builder become a leader in the St. Louis home building market.

“I couldn’t be happier to be breaking through the ‘concrete ceiling’ of women in the construction industry, helming this woman-owned business. As women, we’ve made our mark on so many industries, but progress in construction has been slow. I look forward to leaving a mark on our community, as a female leader in this business,” said Jan Hibbs.

Kim Hibbs, President and CEO of Hibbs Homes, will serve as President and General Manager for Hibbs General Contracting. Kim currently serves as the President of the Home Builders Association of St. Louis and Eastern Missouri. Kim is a Master Certified Green Professional.

Matt Belcher, Vice President of Hibbs General Contracting, is an experienced builder/developer and nationally-recognized consultant, educator and author on the business of energy efficient “green” building and development. He has been actively involved in the St. Louis area construction industry for three decades, including six years as a top building codes official. He also brings a special expertise in agricultural building best practices – one area that Hibbs General Contracting hopes to specialize their work.

The team has previously collaborated on projects of national significance in including Active House USA and Proud Green Home of St. Louis.


Questions? Reach out to our marketing manager Danni Eickenhorst via email or at (314) 392-9631.

Shining a light on energy efficient livestock buildings

By Matt Belcher

In livestock operations, energy conservation is critical for reducing overhead costs and conserving resources. Often referred to as the “first fuel” in an energy management program, if it is not needed, it does not have to use resources to be generated or create cost for the user.

Three considerations in energy conservation in an agricultural setting relate to light and solar energy. In taking stock of current energy consumption conditions, consider solar orientation, passive solar design and the shade and light conditions that exist.

Solar orientation

solar-orientation-farm-buildingProper solar orientation can also provide glare-free natural light throughout the building, especially with contemporary design techniques such as light-colored surfaces, open partitions, and so on. Although it is desirable to limit Northern facing glazing, incorporating a balance of daylight from the North usually results in a more constant “softer” natural light. This reduces the need to use artificial lighting, which saves electricity. As a bonus, using less artificial lighting also lowers the amount of heat generated in the house, which, in turn, decreases the need for air-conditioning in summer.

Passive solar design

Passive solar design is one very effective way of harnessing the sun’s power to enhance the energy efficiency of your building. A well-designed and properly oriented building capitalizes on solar heat gain in winter and deflects unwanted heat in summer. This simple consideration can save a healthy percentage of a building’s energy use—and at no cost. There is nothing you can do to a building that has more effect for less investment.

Thermal mass is a design feature that utilizes stone and brick walls or solid (even decorative) features, such as a chimney on the south wall or hard flooring surfaces, which can absorb and retain the sun’s heat in the winter. After dark, these design features radiate heat back into the building. This is a good example of passive solar design and how it can make the most of the sun’s power to lower heating costs.

Shade trees and overhangs

In summer, if you have oriented the building properly and are able to take advantage of shade trees and overhangs, (shading that thermal mass and the windows) the ventilation can cool air that is automatically approximately 20° cooler that it would be otherwise.

The Building Envelope

In their recently published Smart Market Report; McGraw Hill Construction reported that by far the most highly used energy efficient building feature is air tight sealing and construction and insulation of the building envelope.The building envelope consists of the floor, walls, windows, doors, and roof of the building. The traditional envelope keeps the elements, noise, dirt and critters (for the most part, anyway) out, and lets in light; unfortunately, it can also leaks a lot of energy. The higher performance building envelope incorporates superior insulating techniques and passive control functions that promote energy efficiency.

The building envelope consists of the floor, walls, windows, doors, and roof of the building. The traditional envelope keeps the elements, noise, dirt and critters (for the most part, anyway) out, and lets in light; unfortunately, it can also leaks a lot of energy. The higher performance building envelope incorporates superior insulating techniques and passive control functions that promote energy efficiency.