4 Reasons to Choose Steel for Church Building Construction

By Matt Belcher, Hibbs General Contracting

Prefab Steel Church Building Construction St LouisWith the ever burgeoning costs of construction, you might find that your new church building faces steadily increasing barriers to both its sustainability and growth as the years go by. However, there is a growing tendency to dramatically decrease these expenses by switching your choice of building material to metal. Yes, metal church buildings, especially steel metal churches, are increasingly being favored by the construction industry. This shift in preferences is in no small part due to the affordability and durability granted by metal and steel construction.

Cost to Build a Steel Church Building

Prefab church buildings tend to be more cost effective, which is an important factor for churches to consider. This makes them a reasonable expenditure and construction choice, since the church will need to do its due diligence along with being budget savvy. Metal church buildings can actually come down to only half of what traditional churches costs. Plus, the material can be used to build all of the structures that churches generally need to serve their youth ministry and Bible studies: classrooms, gyms and worship centers.

Additionally, in the long term, steel metal churches will find themselves facing relatively lower insurance and maintenance costs.

Long-Term Construction Durability

Despite the cost effectiveness of metal church buildings, they’re known for their durability. Steel constructions resist decay when compared to other traditional materials, and so the refurbishment expenses are inherently lower. Steel is also extremely flexible and adaptable, which means that steel churches can be expanded and redeveloped with a lot less hassle and environmental degradation. Any extensions in the future can be incorporated into the design, even with exceptionally small budgets.

At Hibbs General Contracting, we take special pride in taking a hands-on approach to quality for every client, resulting in some spectacularly durable and sustainable buildings. Hibbs also provides extreme ease when it comes to expansion for growth in the future.

Aesthetics & Church Design

Don’t let the word “steel” fool you; this material can absolutely be used to make some phenomenally gorgeous structures. Hibbs General Contracting, for example, offers open floor plans, high ceilings and customizable exteriors, all with a wealth of detailed designs to choose from. A steel church building remains a warm and welcoming place of worship. Additionally, there’s also the prevailing belief that a steel church will lead to unpleasant sound quality within the building. However, Hibbs is able to incorporate great acoustic quality in order to produce some great sound. If you’re looking for a building that doesn’t compromise on aesthetics while remaining incredibly affordable, you really should look into a metal church building.

Energy Efficiency of Metal Churches

Metal church buildings tend to be cheaper to heat and to keep cool, which should lead to utility bill savings. Plus, Hibbs General Contracting is known to be the region’s leading expert in high-performance green building. Hibbs offers energy efficient steel building options and implements high performance building practices.

Hibbs General Contracting is the St. Louis representatives for Capital Steel Buildings. If you’re looking to build a metal church, schedule a consultation with us at 314-392-9631.